Car Winter Safety Test Stevenage

The importance of being ready for winter…

Stevenage’s primary concern is your safety on the road and as the temperature begins to drop we are here to ensure you motor through the winter months with confidence.

The facts:

  • In the winter, 48% of car accidents in the UK are resultant of skidding.
  • Stopping distances are 10 times longer in ice and snow.
  • The use of cold weather tyres will reduce braking distances by 20% (when compared to summer weather tyres).

Preparing your vehicle for winter

  • Give yourself plenty of time before making your journey to ensure your vehicle is fit for the road. This includes; using an ice scraper or de-icer to clear all windows of snow/ice; ensuring that you have had your tyre pressures and fluid levels checked recently; planning your route prior to travel, and only driving if it is safe to do so.
  • If you choose to drive in wintery conditions, drive carefully using gentle manoeuvres and apply your brakes gently.
  • Be the safest you can be on the road by fitting your vehicle with cold weather tyres. Cold weather tyres are designed for cold weather, not just snow! Why not take advantage of Welwyn’s free winter check to ensure your safety on the road.
Car Winter Safety Test Stevenage
Car Winter Safety Test Stevenage
Car Winter Safety Test Stevenage